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TBR Library Deans/Directors: Home

State of purpose

The TBR Library Deans/Directors is a working group of the Tennessee Board of Regents. The academic library dean or director of each TBR institution is appointed to this working group to help represent library issues and concerns impacting the TBR libraries and also to facilitiate coordination of TBR Libraries in projects of shared benefit. The group is comprised of the 13 TBR community colleges with additional represention from the 6 universities/locally governed institutions previously part of TBR.

Current Chair: Becky Frank (Volunteer State)

Current Vice-Chair: Vacant

Meeting Schedule

Upcoming Meeting

January 19, 2023 


Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month. All calls are at 2pm Eastern/1pm Central. As of January 2023, meetings are still held via zoom. Access codes and call-in number have been emailed to deans/directors or can be found in the calendar invitation. ‚Äč


Agenda items for conference calls and meetings should be delivered to Becky Frank,  Volunteer State Community College.

TBR Library Contacts

TBR Community Colleges

Chattanooga State Community College

Augusta R. Kolwyck Library

Contact: Susan Jennings

Cleveland State Community College

Cleveland State Community College Library

Contact: Gina Cash

Columbia State

Columbia State Community College Library

ContactAnne Scott

Dyersburg State

Dyersburg Community College Learning Resource Center

ContactSusan Charley

Jackson State

Jackson State Community College Library

ContactScott Cohen   

Motlow State

Clayton-Glass Library

Contact: Sharon Edwards

Nashville State

John E. Mayfield Library

Contact: Margaret Faye Jones

Northeast State

Wayne G. Basler Library

Contact: Chris Demas

Pellissippi State

Pellissippi State Community College

Contact: Mary Ellen Spencer

Roane State

Roane State Community College Library

Contact: Laura Vaughn

Southwest State

InfoNet Library

ContactPatrick O'Daniel

Volunteer State

Thigpen Library

Contact: Becky Frank

Walters State

R. Jack Fishman Library

Contact: Jamie Posey


Locally Governed Institutions (aka Former TBR Universities)

Austin Peay State University

Felix G. Woodward Library

Contact: Martina Malvasi

East Tennessee State University

Charles C. Sherrod Library

Contact: David Atkins

East Tennessee State University College of Medicine

Quillen College of Medicine

Contact:  Rachel Walden

Middle Tennessee State University

James E. Walker Library

Contact: Kathleen Schmand

Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University Library

Contact: Glenda Alvin

Tennessee Technological University

Angelo & Jenette Volpe Library

Contact: Sharon Holderman

University of Memphis

Ned R. McWherter Library

Contact: Dr. John Evans