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TBR Library Deans/Directors: Terminology

Acronyms & Terminology

ASERL -- Association of Southeastern Research Libraries

CCTA -- Complete College Tennessee Act of 2010
CCTA reformed higher education in Tennessee so that it is directly linked to the state's economic development. Practically speaking, CCTA has resulted in an emphasis on student retention and completion.
Firefly is the a state-wide library courier run by Tenn-Share for member libraries. 

Lyrasis is a library consortium for the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states. It facilitates resource sharing and offers training, digitization/digital collections/preservation services, and reduced pricing on library products. 

Performance Funding Program
Performance Funding is a long-standing program in Tennessee that is tied to the 5-year Master Plan cycle. Institutions can gain additional funds (up to 5.45% of appropriations) on performance incentives for student success on national examinations in major fields and general education, and for institutional success in program accreditation and qualitative program review, among many other quality measures. 

ROCC -- Regents Online Campus Collaborative
ROCC is an entirely online higher education option that the Tennessee Board of Regents offers to students throughout Tennessee. ROCC offers two programs: RODP and ROCE. More information about the difference between these two programs can be found on the ROCC websiteROCC Mission & Purpose: "Using technology, the Regents Online Campus Collaborative will improve access to high quality, affordable, student-centered learning opportunities through collaboration with and among Tennessee Board of Regents institutions and other educational entities."  

ROCE -- Regents Online Continuing Education and Workforce Development
ROCE offers online CEUs (continuing education credits) "to address individual and workforce development needs." The Regents Online Campus Collaborative developed the ROCE program. See ROCC.

RODP -- Regents Online Degree Program
RODP offers online associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees. The Regents Online Campus Collaborative developed the RODP program. See also RODP tab in this guide for more extensive information. "Students have the opportunity to choose a "home campus" from among the 6 universities awarding Bachelor's and Master's degrees, the 13 community colleges providing Associate degrees and the 27 Technology Centers offering technical certificates and diplomas. Individuals apply for admission, register for courses, and are awarded degrees, diplomas, or certificates from the home campus."

TBR -- Tennessee Board of Regents
TBR governs 46 state-supported post-secondary institutions: 6 universities, 13 community colleges, and 27 technology centers. Notably, the University of Tennessee (UT) is a separate system. TBR and UT systems are coordinated by the Tennessee Higher Education System (THEC). TBR Central Office, located in Nashville, directs the daily operations of the TBR system. For libraries specifically, licensing and purchasing are somtimes coordinated by the Central Office in order to provide resources to all academic institutions. 

TBR Media Consortium
These representatives from TBR universities and community colleges work together "to acquire, on a cooperative basis, media products, including films, audio and videotapes, of a non-print nature."

TEL -- Tennessee Electronic Library
The Tennessee Electronic Library is a collection of databases that provide access to magazine, journal, newspaper articles, essays, podcasts, videos, e-books, and primary source materials. TEL is administered by the Tennessee State Library and Archives and is available free of charge to any Tennessee resident. In 2014, the TEL FAQ webpage reported that the average subscription cost saviings for small, medium, and large academic libraries is $124,697.

TALC -- Tennessee Academic Library Collaborative [link will be to TALC tab within libguide]
"The Tennessee Academic Library Collaborative was created to foster collaborative activities among the libraries of Tennessee’s public institutions of higher education. TALC is comprised of the libraries of the State University and Community College System of Tennessee and the University of Tennessee System. The driving force behind TALC is a commitment to meeting the information needs of its collective clientele while striving to reduce the rate of increase of costs."  TALC established a universeral borrower's card, which permits students, faculty, and staff at any UT or TBR system school to borrow materials from any other UT or TBR system school in accordance with the lending library's policies.

Tennessee Regional Library Network

Colleges of Applied Technology (Tennessee Technology Centers) -- 26

Tenn-Share is a consortium of over 600 Tennessee libraries (pubic, school, and academic), museums, archives, and information agencies. The consortium offers libraries group purchasing power and innovative resource sharing projects. Member libraries rely on Tenn-Share to negotiate discounts on databases (such as JSTOR), services (such as OCLC), and ebooks (such as Stat!Ref). Tenn-Share runs the Firefly courier service in addition to hosting the Fall Conference and DataFest.

THEC -- Tennessee Higher Education Commission
The Tennessee Higher Education Commission is the state's coordinating agency for higher education. Guided by the Public Agenda for Tennessee Higher Education, THEC oversees an array of finance, academic, research and consumer protection initiatives that promote student success and support the State's completion agenda for postsecondary education. THEC actively seeks to develop policy recommendations, programmatic initiatives, and partnerships that increase educational attainment in the state while improving higher education access and success for all Tennesseans

TSERC, TBR Subcommittee of
TTP -- Tennessee Transfer Paths
TTU Consortium

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