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TN eCampus Virtual Library: Faculty Support

Access to library resources and information for TN eCampus students and faculty.

TBR Libraries want to provide online students with the same quality of support that our on-campus students receive. 

Do you require students to write research papers or use outside sources for discussion posts? Do your students need to use the virtual library to access assigned reading? Would you prefer that students consult scholarly journal articles and expert reference resources, rather than low-quality websites or Wikipedia?

Then consider requesting an embedded librarian for one or more courses and sections.

How, What, Why

How Do You "Embed" a Librarian?

A librarian can be added to your course as a co-instructor or co-designer in the D2L "librarian" role.

This enables participation in email, discussion groups, and content development, but does not enable access to student grades or quizzes

What can a librarian contribute?

  • Create links to library resources directly in the course.
  • Help resolve technical difficulties in accessing online library materials. 
  • Advise students in accessing library materials that are not online.
  • Facilitate access to materials that the library does not own.
  • Help with difficult citation formats.
  • Design tutorials, guides, or other online learning objects.
  • In consultation with faculty, schedule or participate in research-related discussion board.